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Irrigation Services in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, including Bergen and Rockland Counties

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Irrigation Services in Bergen & Rockland Counties & Nearby Areas in New Jersey, New York & Connecticut

We offer irrigation packages, smart and drip irrigation installation, repairs, and more.

Proper hydration is key to helping your grass and plants thrive. With our irrigation services at Aquascape Irrigation, you can be confident that the vegetation on your property will be well-hydrated and your irrigation system will stay in excellent shape! Our services include smart irrigation installation, drip irrigation installation, irrigation startups, irrigation repairs, and irrigation winterization. We also offer comprehensive irrigation programs that you can sign up for!

Our irrigation services are available to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in and around Alpine, NJ, including Allendale, Edgewater, Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, and Franklin Lakes. We also offer these services in nearby areas of New York and Connecticut, including in Rockland County and Fairfield County. Give us a call today at (845) 353-6517 to get an estimate on any of our services!

Irrigation Packages

Irrigation spraying in field in Alpine, NJ.

Your irrigation system requires maintenance throughout the year, which can be tough if your schedule is packed! Let our team take that off your plate with our irrigation packages. We offer three packages that you can choose from which include irrigation startup in the spring, a mid-summer service, and winterization. If you opt for our Gold Irrigation Package, you'll also enjoy priority scheduling when you pre-pay! No matter the package you choose, you can rest easy knowing your irrigation system will be well taken care of throughout the year.

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Smart Irrigation Installation

Controlling smart irrigation system in Alpine, NJ, from the phone.

Our team offers a smart irrigation installation service that entails installing an irrigation system that is equipped with WiFi technology. This way, you can conveniently control and monitor its activity from your smartphone! Taking advantage of this service will give you the flexibility of turning your irrigation system on and off and checking if your plants have received enough water even if you're away.

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Drip Irrigation Installation

Drip irrigation system in Alpine, NJ.

If you want an efficient way of watering your plants while conserving water, our drip irrigation installation service is just what you need. Our drip irrigation systems consist of pipes placed on the ground that slowly drip water near the roots of your plants, ensuring that every drop of water is absorbed and utilized!

Irrigation Repairs

Sprinkler system spraying water.

Keeping your irrigation system working in perfect condition throughout the year is crucial in maintaining thriving plant health. We can help maintain the peak operating capacity of your irrigation system with our irrigation repair service. Our professionals are skilled and trained to pinpoint the exact issue with your irrigation system and address it right away. Some of the common repairs we typically deal with include broken pipes, stuck valves, broken sprinkler heads, and many more!

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Irrigation Startup

Turning on irrigation system for startups in Alpine, NJ.

In the spring, our irrigation startup service is one of the most important things you need to schedule to ensure your plants start to receive the water they need to start growing again. Our team follows a time-tested process that will safely and correctly reactivate your irrigation system in the spring so it can deliver water to your plants as they enter the new growing season.

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Irrigation Winterization

Irrigation valve with frost in Alpine, NJ.

Our irrigation winterization service involves a thorough process to ensure all the water is completely removed from your irrigation system before winter sets in. We will shut down the main water supply, turn off the timer, and blow out the water to ensure no water is left inside the system that can freeze and burst the pipes. This will protect your irrigation system from frost damage so there are no nasty surprises when getting it back up in the spring!

We use an air compressor to thoroughly blow out the water from your irrigation system.

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Here at Aquascape Irrigation, we offer irrigation services to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Alpine, Allendale, Edgewater, Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Franklin Lakes, and surrounding areas in New Jersey. We also offer these services in nearby areas of New York and Connecticut, including in Rockland County and Fairfield County. We have provided our irrigation services since 1984, and we have the skills and experience needed to perform them at the highest level. Enroll in any of our irrigation services today by calling us at (845) 353-6517!

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